Since the foundation of the brand in 2014, Maite and Guillermo - mother and son - has been work with the aim of recovering and enhancing the family legacy started by their ancestors, to whom the brand pays tribute: Candelas and Felipa.

Since the beginning, Candelas y Felipa has continued with its commitment to achieving excellence in each design, this constant search for artisanal perfection become the essence of a brand that has its roots in the culture, values and traditions of Castilla - La Mancha, focused on recovering and updating the legacy received generation after generation, taking care of each process melting tradition and modernity.

Thess ten years of devoted work is crystallized in High Craftsmanship, a concept that is the perfect definition for the exclusive production of the firm. It is in craftsmanship where the leitmotif of Candelas and Felipa is found, the leit motiv that structures each of the collections and designs. Through craftsmanship, the creative process becomes a reality, which stands out for its careful patterning of minimalist lines that abstract classic shapes modeling them into avant-garde silhouettes, highlighted by their femininity and contained elegance in which artisanal fabrics and embroidery have a fundamental role.

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