A handmade dress is much more than a dress. It is a dream that comes true in front of your eyes, made by expert hands that take care of every detail during a process that is one hundred percent handmade. A handmade dress is something unique and special.

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The process begins from the moment we open the door to our universe. We finally get to know each other and talk about your wedding, your style and above all, what you want to convey through your dress.

All ideas and inspirations are intertwined and with them we begin to design on paper, discovering new ways, shapes, fabrics, embroidery. Whatever you want and always advised by us.

Once we have made the designs and selected the fabrics, we will make a specific budget for your dress, and if you agree, we will start making it happen!

Each dress has at least 4 fittings, the first one being a toille. During the fittings we will adjust the design to your body, outlining the details and gradually shaping the dress of your dreams. All this process will be accompanied at all times by our designer who will advise you on every decision, from hairstyle to shoe choice, whatever you need.

All dresses are made in our atelier in Alcazar, but we also do the fittings in our showroom studio in Madrid, you just have to tell us where you want.

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